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Techwink case studies express design and development solution we offer to our customer

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Recent Projects

Case studies describe design and development solutions we’ve implemented for our clients. In this case study stories  we show inside  implementation of web and App development


AI Assistant for Home, work and school

Under the umbrella of Techwink services, fetchrocket ensures a seamless integration of cutting-edge AI technologies to enhance document management functionalities using Chatbot.

Screenshot of FetchRocket's Chat Page, showcasing an intuitive interface for AI-powered document processing


Web and mobile channel for Hitachi sales

Hitachi was looking to improve communication between the company and its prospective clients. We helped Hitachi design and develop an E-book web and mobile application where sales offers can be sent to prospective customers. An E-book is compiled digital asset which is available on web. Customers can preview e-book with lot of features and sales team was able to track their interests and assist customers with the best services.


AI powered custom Software for retail Company

Techwink Services partnered with a leading retail company to embark on a comprehensive software development journey. The project’s core objectives revolved around crafting a customized software solution while integrating an AI chatbot and an API to elevate the system’s functionality.

A retail store with AI-powered custom software solutions displayed on a digital screen, demonstrating Techwink Services' portfolio item.

AI Copywriting Tool​

AI Copywriting Solution ​

Our client required us to create a copywriting tool based on AI technology that could perform functions that made it stand out from the crowd and Techwink Services made it a reality by leveraging the most powerful artificial intelligence and language technology available in today’s market.

Lawyer Pro

AI-lawyer tool is built using natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and deep learning.

Techwink has created a powerful and user-friendly AI-based tool designed to provide expert legal help to users anytime, anywhere. The tool is equipped with several features that make legal processes easier, such as instant legal help, drafting legal documents, document review, document comparison, and more.


A Creative Thought Evolution Platform

Limicon is a special platform that leverages creativity, linguistics and technology allowing users to create new words and go beyond the limits of language. Our dear client Benjamin imagined this exciting project with us. The technology behind Limicon allows you to come up with words that would seem to be neologisms, words that have been growing for millions of years.

Print your favorite AI art

Recreate the iconic style of artists

Techwink has created a powerful and user-friendly AI-based tool for its client which can turn photos into abstract masterpieces. The advanced AI algorithms are designed to transform ordinary photographs into stunning, personalized artworks

Goat Milk Soap

Recreate the iconic style of artists

Techwink has created a powerful and user-friendly AI-based tool for its client which can turn photos into abstract masterpieces. The advanced AI algorithms are designed to transform ordinary photographs into stunning, personalized artworks

I Got Mind

Learning Management System

Bob was looking to implement learning management system to provide better reach to its clients. Always helped him to design and develop learning management system. Made recommendations and also identified gaps. Created solutions, and supported each initiative to a successful launch in time to meet his customers needs. We keep an eye for further development and support.

Legal Help

Legal help mobile App

Legal Help is a community app, where people can connect with one another and get legal help. It helps userd to connect via video chat and private messaging.


Community Health mobile App

Rafiki is a community app developed for Rafiki Coalition’s mission is to eliminate health inequities in San Francisco’s Black and marginalized communities through education, advocacy, and by providing holistic health and wellness services in a culturally affirming environment.


Food ordering mobile App

Farmers Eats is a food ordering mobile app.  Here a user can order farm fresh products direct from farm. We created separate apps for users, farmers and  delivery agents.


VIP Health Food Store

Melinda was looking to take his offline health food business online. We helped her design and develop an online store where customers can buy the products online directly. Along with that, she can offer over a dozen different detoxes all made for different timelines, goals, and weight loss amounts.

Screenshot of Vertex Foods homepage showcasing its sleek design and intuitive user interface


Business Marketplace for Locals

Bluekeys stands as a testament to Carolina’s dedication to empowering local businesses and fostering community growth. It continues to serve as a catalyst for connecting businesses, supporting local endeavors, and contributing to the thriving local economy.

Naturally Beautiful Hair Care

Holistic Approach to Hair Care and Beauty

Jessyca Marshall was looking to provide a holistic approach to hair care and beauty. We helped her to develop an E-commerce platform where customers can buy the beauty products and book appointments regarding microloc consultation with her.

All-In-One BTC Dashboard

dashboard which provides real-time data and updates

Techwink has created a powerful and user-friendly tool for traders and investors called the All-In-One BTC Dashboard. This platform enables users to monitor any market with ease and gain valuable insights into price movements. The dashboard is equipped with a range of useful metrics that can help traders make informed and smarter trading decisions.

Project Dashboard

Streamlining Project Management & Analytics

The Project Dashboard emerged as a robust solution, empowering teams with centralized project management tools and comprehensive analytics. It facilitated informed decision-making, optimized resource allocation, and enhanced project performance.

Bill Pro Dashboard

Integrated Platform for Streamlined Billings, Sales Insights, and Visitor Analysis

The Bill Pro Dashboard emerged as a robust solution, empowering businesses with streamlined billing management tools and in-depth sales analytics. It facilitated informed decision-making, optimized billing processes, and enhanced sales performance.

Chat bot Dashboard

dashboard for Enhanced Analytics and CRM Integration

The Chatbot Dashboard project aimed to create a centralized analytics hub, providing comprehensive insights and reports for various business metrics within the chatbot ecosystem. This platform showcased essential data related to Top Authors, CRM Reports, SaaS-based Analytics, and Member Statistics.


Streamlining Operations & Analytics for Comprehensive Business Management

MarketoApp, developed by Techwink, is a multifaceted application designed to streamline operations and analytics across diverse business domains. It encompasses a range of features, including Projects, C Apex, Opex, Stock Quantity, Stock Value, Leading Agents by Category, Human Resources, and Warehouse Stats.


Redefining Culinary Engagement with Advanced AI

Techwink to revolutionize customer interaction within the realm of Indian cuisine and confectionery. Developed with cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms, our Chatbot serves as an intelligent interface, seamlessly integrating with Mithaas’s digital platform to provide users with an unparalleled level of assistance and engagement.

Inventor Market

Online Patent Buy/Sell Marketplace

Robert was looking to improve patents buying and selling between its clients. We helped him design and develop an online marketplace and mobile application. Customers can preview patents and inventions and purchase from the inventor directly.

Microloc Directory

Connect with Best Professionals

Microloc directory has developed a deep understanding of the beauty industry, its professionals, and the skills needed to make a mark.The state-of-the-art salon will be available in your house. Microloc directory provides saloon and online certification online.

Direct Bikes

UK's No.1 scooter brand

Scooter UK is an e-commerce platform that sells motor scooters, accessories, and related products. Our team at Techwink worked closely with the Scooter.co.uk team to design and develop a modern and user-friendly website. ensuring an intuitive user experience and a seamless checkout process.


Books And Digital Download Marketplace

The KMC Readers project aims to create a comprehensive online platform that caters to book buyers and content creators. By combining a book marketplace with a content writing marketplace, this website seeks to provide a unique and valuable service to users in need of books and content services while offering a new avenue for writers to showcase their skills and connect with potential clients.



music investment platform

Mathew Jo intended to connect artists and fan in a unique way and include crypto. We made his vision into a reality by developing a web application. TheMusician.io is a well-designed and user-friendly platform that offers a range of features to help musicians showcase their work as NFT. Musicians use NFT to share a percentage of streaming royalty rights with fans and collectors.


Cardano community

SpaceBudz was launched in March of 2021 on the Cardano blockchain. It grew quickly to a beloved project in the Cardano community and is known for its pioneering work.

Minting one of the first NFT collections, creating the NFT metadata standard and launching the first fully smart contract based marketplace got people excited about SpaceBudz.

Edu Prime PD

Monority Owned and Operated Business

Edu Prime PD was developed to provide specialized training intended to help administrators, teachers, and other educators improve their professional knowledge, competence, skill, and effectiveness. Paul Musumba came to us with this vision to build a community to close the Academic achievement cap. 


NFT Marketplace

At 1xNFT, we’re excited about a brand new type of digital good called a non-fungible token, or NFT. NFTs have exciting new properties: they’re unique, provably scarce, tradeable, and usable across multiple applications. Just like physical goods, you can do whatever you want with them!

Uproot Technologies

Equipment Supplier

Techwink provided a robust and reliable API integration solution that helped Uproot Technologies streamline their operations and provide a better user experience to their customers. The integration of Nexar’s API allowed Uproot Technologies to manage their inventory more efficiently and improve their sales process.


Online Garage Marketplace

Andrew was looking to solve the garage booking problem.  We created an online marketplace to connects people that need garage space with people who have it. The garage owner lists their space on the app, including specific rules and any available tools. The owner then decides on an hourly, daily, or even monthly rate for using the space.

A digital interface showing listings for 'Garage Time' with various options displayed, showcasing a user-friendly platform for finding garage spaces.

Creamery App

Milk products mobile App

Creamery is a milk products ordering mobile app.  Here a user can order farm fresh products direct from farm. We created separate apps for users, farmers and  delivery agents.