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Enterprise application development Services

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Enterprise application development Services

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We aim to a create long-term connection that is mutually beneficial with our customers, thereby, we propose all our clients an opportunity to learn more about the main strategies of our work. We believe that all distinguished IT products must be designed in accordance with three essential principles – they must be easy to use, 100% effective for solving specific problems and, last but not the least, engaging for all users. Our company provides specialised services, which are targeted at fast and significant development, implementation and complete integration of enterprise applications in various areas

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Our team of experts has such advantages as a great professional experience, a number of splendidly accomplished projects for various companies, diverse time-tested strategies of development, which have already demonstrated their efficiency for various objectives, and, a desire to design masterpieces, which can rightfully claim a notable place among the best software tools. All our products are designed in accordance with the most flexible and reliable tendencies in the innovated business industry.

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End-to-end enterprise development services

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Data Management

We leverage our extensive expertise in emerging technologies, including Big Data, Data Science, Cognitive Computing, Blockchain, and others, to provide you with innovative solutions that address your unique business needs.

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Enterprise App Consulting

Our experts can help you realize your mobility goals and define technology stack and architecture that align with your business goals.

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Enterprise Application Testing

Consistent application testing is one of the important critical aspects of our enterprise mobile app development services to ensure improved quality, reliability, and performance.

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Software Integration

Initiate your business strategy with our comprehensive enterprise application development, or leverage our enterprise app integration solutions.

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Legacy Application Modernization

We can help you adopt rapid innovation and respond to changing business needs by re-engineering your legacy applications with modern features and capabilities.

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Custom Enterprise Software Development

We strive to provide exceptional quality and unparalleled performance, ensuring that our solutions meet your expectations and deliver results that exceed your goals.

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Building unique Enterprise Solution

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Clear Process

Effective Business Application Development

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Ongoing Support

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Steps's Techwink Services follow

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Step 3

Development of Solution

Step 4

QA & Testing

Step 5

Deployment & Monitoring

Targeting Problem With Simple Steps

Global System Definition

It is a scoping exercise, which is targeted towards the investigation of all significant business processes and requirements. This essential stage leads to the definition of a system and an estimation of costs. Thereby, according to our needs, we focus this stage of Project at the following issues:

  • Business App Purpose
  • Overview of Global System
  • Architecture of Business
  • Drivers for Integrated Architecture
  • Logical Architecture
  • Options for Delivery
  • Necessary Resource and Estimate of Cost

Project Delivery Proposal

It is a set of documents, which detail all phases of the project. Thereby, by creating this Proposal, we can guarantee a clear understanding between our clients and us. Project Delivery Proposal determines the following parts of the business application development project:

  • Project Objectives and Requirements
  • Project Close
  • Project Scope (in scope & out of scope)
  • Key stakeholders
  • Integrated System Design
  • System implementation
  • Proposed sourcing
  • System handover and Ongoing Support

Thereby, our clients receive 100% reliable guarantee about the quality of the application as well as about all the costs. We also guarantee you extra-classy ongoing support, which means that in addition to our client-oriented development and design services, we take full responsibility for the permanent quality of the functioning of all our products and mobile applications.

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