Case Study - Garage Time

How anyone can access the do-it-yourself workspace, opening up garages and access to tools

How anyone can access the do-it-yourself workspace, opening up

garages and access to tools


What's GarageTIme

Founded in 2018, Garagetime exists to create a world where anyone can access a do-it-yourself workspace, opening up garages and access to tools.

Garage Time uniquely leverages technology to economically empower auto enthusiasts around the world to unlock and monetize their spaces, passions, and talents to become workspace entrepreneurs.

Garagetime’s marketplace provides access to unique workspaces across the United States.

Frustrated by not having a garage, we launched Garagetime to help auto enthusiasts gain access to tools and workspace. In a digital age, we believe that doing is more fun than owning, and working on your vehicle is an amazing way to connect with others and celebrate your machine.  We hope to inspire the next generation of people who are passionate about DIY. 

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We Are All In One

Techwink built a custom Web portal as per Garage requirement time. Overall the numbers improved a lot. This helped them to reach new heights of customer satisfaction, their customer satisfaction levels increase whopping up to 99%. Also, the  Customer Engagement growth levels increased to 94%. The yearly sales growth is 92% after the launch of the service. The conversion rate jumped to 88%.9

Customer Satisfaction​
Customer Engagement​
Yearly Sales Growth
Conversion Rates

Techwink's Strengths At A Glance​

Online Marketplace

In times of despair and joy, we often look up to little things that give us happiness and a sense of satisfaction. According to a 2011 study in the Journal of Psychology and Marketing, it was noted that 28% of the shoppers had purchased something to celebrate the occasion or personal victory and 62% to cheer themselves. Therefore it can be concluded that shopping plays a crucial role in everyone’s lives.

In the present day when the physical world has come to standstill, the virtual one has surpassed all the boundaries and expectations. In the recent report by Amazon, it clearly demonstrated that shopping for groceries has increased by as much as 50 times in just 6 months of lockdown. Therefore, in this constant cross rapid-fire amongst big business houses, it has become very important for the customers to know what they are looking for and expecting from the virtual marketplace.