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How the Microloc Directory connect worldwide with their holistic approach

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What's Microloc Directory

Microloc directory stands as a testament to empowerment and diversity within the beauty industry. As a comprehensive directory website, it proudly showcases the wealth of talent, expertise, and services offered by black women-owned salons and stylists across the USA. This platform is a vibrant hub, meticulously curated to spotlight the invaluable contributions of these professionals, while making their services easily accessible to a wide audience seeking exceptional beauty care.



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Techwink built a custom Web portal as per microloc directory requirement time. Overall the numbers improved a lot. This helped them to reach new heights of customer satisfaction, their customer satisfaction levels increase whopping up to 98%. Also, New Customer growth levels increased to 95%. The yearly sales growth is 92% after the launch of the service. The conversion rate jumped to 88%
Customer Satisfaction​
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Yearly Sales Growth
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