What is an NFT Drop and How to Participate in an NFT Drop?

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What is an NFT Drop?

NFT Drop is nothing but just the release of the NFT collections, which lines up to a specific date and time for investors willing to buy.

You’ve probably heard the phrase used with one-of-a-kind collections of something kind: “The new running shoes dropped,” or “I’ll wait till the brand new phone drops, after which see if it’s well worth shopping for,” or a few such. Usually, a drop relates to a constrained version of collectibles.

How to invest in an NFT Drop?

Usually, artists and NFT websites announce their drops in advance.

A handful of trusted websites release their announcement in secret. So don’t forget to do your research on those websites and stay connected by means of newsletters and social media handles.

Here are set of rules you can stick to when choosing which Drop you should go for :

Only prefer buying the NFTs that you love

The NFT market, like any other art market in general, is about the joy of creating, not just making money.

The best-promoting NFT drops are generally people with the maximum artistic price. An artist’s amusement and ardor are contagious and monetized without difficulty.

If you doubt the brand you are going to invest in, try to do in-depth research about the brand, i.e. artist’s background, followers, following, and community.

If you are unsure about your investment, try to research other websites and learn about the NFT you are spending on.

Never invest more than you can afford to lose.

If you recognize what’s exact for you, don’t fall prey to the concern of lacking out whilst attempting to find doubtlessly profitable drops.

Remember: you’ve already missed 90% of all of the drops ever, and you’ll miss out even more. Always decide on what you understood from their brand and what you could research.

Don’t rush into taking decisions while buying NFT drops.

Never invest your money in copy-pasted NFTs. If you observe that there is more than a single color or background each day, their varieties are growing daily. Then you know that it’s too late to invest in that particular NFT.

Nothing to worry about; if you miss one NFT, many more will come.

Precautions you need to take before buying an NFT from NFT Drop.

Avoid purchasing drops just because they’re affordable.

Don’t go buying any NFT because they are just affordable. Investing in digital assets is becoming more common daily; their price may decrease if the demand is too high for any specific NFT. So I recommend you research the brand of the NFT you are planning to invest in.

Avoid drops that aren’t within your budget.

Sometimes it becomes irresistible to invest money into a project. It is worth taking the risk if you have gathered information about the brand that interests you in investing. I would advise you not to invest more money than you can afford to lose.

I would also recommend creating a new bank savings account specifically for NFT transactions. This way, you can track the spending limit in the future.

Avoid becoming a victim of a scam.

Investing money in the blockchain is a serious investment. You may fall for a scam if you have not gathered in-depth knowledge about the brand. There are various ways scammers scam people for some quick income, like a few dollars.

Here are some ways I have listed below for any suspicious activity by scammers:

Rug Pull

In the crypto world, a rug pull is a very serious scam that you should avoid at any cost. In this scam, an artist creates a project, and all of a sudden they stop supporting the project further due to which the price drops to zero. Thus, it leads to a loss of investors.

There was an incident regarding the creators of FROSTIES who have been publishing their NFT through social media handles and other platforms as well.

After some months, the investor suddenly noticed that the website and other social media handles disappeared and the creators had taken out the funds which have been transferred by the investors. When they tried to make out more information about those creators, they had already left leaving unsuspecting investors aghast.

I would advise you to spend some time in the community of the project to know it better. You can check the authentication of the brand on social channels like discord, Instagram, Facebook, etc. If the brand isn’t active, then you should hold back until you clear all your doubts.

Fake Sites

This website may be unfavourable to your digital property. These websites can disguise in simple sight on the internet. The web website online might also additionally have an identical look. Because the actual web website online could also be similar to the genuine one.

However, as opposed to an NFT drop, a website that can thieve all your property when you connect your wallet. Always double-take a look at the URL, and DO NOT go to any websites you don’t trust.

Fake Brands

Fake brands are much like faux sites. Scammers will create a faux brand with counterfeit NFTs that appear equal to the genuine brand. You can also

Additionally, discover those faux brands indexed on the marketplaces and social media. Always make sure you’re buying from the perfect brand name.

Direct Messages

Whether you’re on social media, in a chat group, or catching up on your emails, scammers can attain out to you claiming to be something they’re not. If you ever get hold of a DM announcing you’ve randomly received a prize of any kind, keep away from the message in any respect.

If anybody messages you with any provide or request, be very weary. Never give your secret word or any private information. You will be amazed how many people fall for this scam.

Best places to stay updated about upcoming NFT Drops

NFT marketplaces

Artists frequently launch their NFTs or NFT projects with a particular market. Nifty Gateway is a distinct NFT marketplace famous for its celeb NFT collections.

If a marketplace features NFT drops, the agenda can generally observe on a touchdown web page categorized NFT Drops, Drops, or Drop Schedules. Some marketplaces feature everyday drops, famous for crypto video games and metaverses.

Email campaigns or newsletters

There are many blockchain applications out there, like crypto games. Marketplaces that share their free newsletters & latest news on their platform to get you notified about their NFT Drop. These newsletters or news contain info about a unique collection of NFT Drops, upcoming airdrops, etc.

Creators’ socials

Nowadays, every creator can be easily found on social platforms. Like Twitter, Reddit, or discord channels for their main project. Following those accounts regularly might help you to stay updated about the upcoming NFT Drops.

Upcoming NFT Drops

Solana Macho Club

Solana Macho Club is depicted musclemen who are known as “Macho’s”.
They launched on Solana blockchain for the fitness enthusiastic people who love to go to the gym, bodybuilders, and weight lifters. Also, those who love to stay fit and get inspired by those who do.

Those who are interested can apply through the link –https://magiceden.io/marketplace/solana_macho_club

SmackManCoin by Flux Collective

SMC is the this NFT Collection by Flux Collective. They have a collection of 30 different animations and audio loops, 1111 coins, all made up by Flux Collective.
They would also be a part of the free mint utility for their upcoming drops.

Those who are interested can apply through the link –


How to participate in an NFT drop event?

Find an upcoming drop

Some known NFT Marketplaces on the internet, like Opensea, Axie Marketplace, Crypto Punks, and super rare.

Register for the event

Register your email address on their website if you are interested in investing in an NFT of a specific brand. Most of the NFT drops have already exceeded their number of participants. So they give the NFT whoever comes first.

Have a crypto wallet and currency

Most NFTs are bought using cryptocurrency (Bitcoin/Ethereum). You will be needing a crypto wallet to complete the transaction. I would recommend you use MetaMask for crypto transactions.

Head to the Drop on time

Always save the drop date &time of the upcoming event. The exact price is known at the time of NFT Drop.

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NFT Drop is the hub of all unique NFTs from all over the world. Anyone can sell & buy digital assets created by artists worldwide. Trust your instincts and thoroughly research before investing in any NFT.Please let us know how passionate you are about NFT Drops in the comments.

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