How to achieve page speed scoring 100 by 100

Have you ever wondered why there are so many websites that do not reach 100 by 100 page speed score? The reason is they do not optimize their web page according to Google’s most authentic instructions. Reaching the scoring level 100 might seem difficult but in fact it is not difficult at all, in fact the process has been categorized in different sections.
And it is quite easy to achieve, provided that one is following the instructions completely. Today we are going to dive deeper in this subject and see, what are some of the best ways taught by industry’s professionals. And even by Google to optimize your web page to achieve page speed
scoring 100 by 100.

What is the Google Page Speed Insight?

Before we get into the details it is important to figure out what Google page speed insight tool is, and what is the main purpose of it. It is a very useful and handy tool for all the websites.
The tool checks the front end performance of your website, and it also gives suggestions to optimize your website. The tool also gives you score from 0 to 100 and this score defines how well your website is performing.
You can analyze each page and its health, the tool Google page speed insight is one of the widely used tools for website health monitoring and fixation.

Analyze page speed issues:

Website speed test plays an important role in analyzing the performance of your website; this will give you a deep overview regarding what are the plugins. And tools which are decreasing the speed of your website. Theme could also be affecting the website speed.
You also need to check your hosting speed; it impacts your website loading time drastically. And that is why experts always recommend choosing between the good hosting companies. You can note down the list of issues after analyzing your website, and starting with the hosting is a good option.

Significance of visible content:

Website no doubt abounds with content, and content of website whether it is in form of text, image or video is the first thing user sees. This is why it is mandatory your content should load fast. Now the content which gets visible when the website loads is above the fold content. And it is very important that you make it load fast, you might feel surprised, but it is part of user experience.
So, just make sure the code your website is using is good enough and not holding your content from any end. Such as optimized images, etc. We will discuss this in a details later.

Optimize your website’s images:

Optimizing images is one of the most crucial things to fix. Most of the times website duplicates the image in icons and other places without optimizing them. Sometimes our hidden pages use images too. And all that need to be fixed.
Whether you are using website on WordPress or some other platform. Image optimization has always been a priority. It helps your website to load faster by reducing the loading time. You can do both manual optimization and auto by compressing the images, it is a main factor in high page
speed scoring.
If you have WordPress website you might want to use some plugins such as EWWW image optimizer. And for HTML website use tools such as; Tiny PNG, and compress JPEG.

Minify your Code:

Minification is the process of compressing the files and making them more compact and smaller for your website, it shortens the file size which drastically impacts your website and helps it to increase the website speed.
The code which is not necessary for the website is removed, and it makes the code more effective and fast to operate. The code that include white spaces, extra lines, code which is notnreaching, or not being used, uneven formatting, comments, these things are removed. And as the result you will load your website quite fast. This also a main factor in page speed scoring.
CSS, HTML and JavaScript files always require Minification process. Moreover; if you are building a website that has some advance features and you have a lot of code to Minify then you can always take help from tools such as; HTML Minifier, CSS Nano, Closure Compiler, there are also many Word Press tools.

Browser caching:

Enabling browser caching is very important as it reduces the time with great effect. The website stores the HTML, CSS, JavaScript and images into local cache.
This means when someone opens the website from the same browser, it will not take as much time as it took on loading for the first time. You can also enable browser caching from the plugins W3 total cache plugins, some hosting services also give this services. This also helps a
lot in page speed scoring.

Removing render block JavaScript:

Another trick to enhance the speed of website is to write the inline CSS and JavaScript code rather than writing it in separate CSS or JS files. If you get rid or even reduce the render blocking. It will surely enhance the speed of your website.

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Accelerated Mobile Pages:

Finally the last but surely not the least. AMP is the best way to tell Google that you are doing best and want to keep high page speed scoring. It is a technology that helps the web pages load quite fast on your mobile phones.
This removes the unnecessary things such as formatting; it helps the users to have better and fast reading time. These were some of the best methods to rank your website page speed 100 by 100. Make sure you implement all of these, because even if you leave one aspect your website might
rank on 70 to 80 but will not reach 100 until you cover each and everything.

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